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Effective Presentations in English

Rousing speech or dull sermon? Become a more self-confident and convincing speaker even if English is not your first language. Learn about and practice structuring a talk, making effective beginnings and endings, presenting results, referring to visual aids, handling difficult questions, arguing and contradicting as well as introducing and thanking speakers, and get specific language help for your scientific presentation needs.


The learning objectives of this course are to

  • improve participants’ spoken communication,
  • increase confidence and fluency in the productive use of English in professional contexts,
  • get practice in the performance of presentations,
  • improve participants’ overall ability to give formal talks, to deal with question and answer sessions, to participate in formal meetings, etc.


Some of the topics related to effective presentations that will be covered in this course are:

  • structuring a talk
  • effective beginnings and endings
  • comparing results
  • referring to visual aids
  • handling difficult questions
  • arguing and contradicting
  • introducing and thanking speakers
  • specific language help


A variety of methods will be used, including audio and written presentation of new language, small-group practice, whole-group simulations, peer evaluation and written correction.


Nummer: H.18.22
Durchführungsdaten: 29.08.2018, 05.09.2018, 12.09.2018
Zeiten: 9.00 – 17.00 Uhr
Leitung: Matter Marc, lic. phil. I
Kursort: Bern, UniS, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, Raum A122 (1. Stock, Altbau_A)
Umfang: 3 Tage; 1.5 ECTS
Kurssprache: Englisch
max. Teilnehmende: 12 Personen
Anmeldeschluss: 8.08.2018
ausgebucht. Warteliste.
Studienform und Abschluss: Einzelveranstaltung des Studiengangs CAS Hochschullehre
Sie erhalten eine Teilnahmebescheinigung.
Trägerschaft: Universität Bern, Zentrum für universitäre Weiterbildung

Employees at University of Bern and PHBern: The cancellation of the registration after closing date costs CHF 100.- handling fee.


Im Rahmen des Weiterbildungsstudiengangs Hochschullehre werden für diesen Kurs insgesamt 1.5 ECTS-Punkte an Modul 6 angerechnet.


English has established itself as the main lingua franca for academic research. Presenting research at international conferences will form an important part of the work of the majority of professional researchers. Effective Presentations in English aims to help those researchers who have identified a need to improve their language and presentation skills needed for scientific presentations.

Kosten und Zahlungsmodalitäten

CHF 930.– (employees at University of Bern and PHBern will not receive an invoice)

In order to avoid receiving an invoice, employees at University of Bern and PHBern must register with their work address.


The educational development at University of Bern is directed to teachers and researchers at universities, universities of applied sciences, teacher training universities, colleges of professional education and training and further education institutions. This constellation across target groups is intentionally sought and one of the strengths of our program.

Vor- und Nachbereitung

It is assumed that participants will come with a talk or a presentation that they want to work on and perfect.


A solid knowledge of English (e. g. Council of Europe level B2)

Teaching position at universities, technical colleges, teacher training universities, Colleges of professional education and training or further education institutions.

Anmelde- und Aufnahmeverfahren

Die Anmeldung erfolgt elektronisch mittels Online-Anmeldeformular (siehe unten). Die Anmeldungen werden in der Reihenfolge des Eingangs berücksichtigt.


Spätestens kurz nach Ablauf der Anmeldefrist (i.d.R. 3 Wochen vor Kursbeginn) entscheiden die Veranstalter über die Durchführung. Eine Kursabsage ist selten.

Ausgebuchter Kurs / Warteliste

Sollte die Veranstaltung bereits ausgebucht sein, können Sie sich auf der Warteliste eintragen lassen. Dazu wenden Sie sich bitte per E-Mail an hd@zuw.unibe.ch.

Wichtig für Studiengangsteilnehmende

Die Anmeldungen zu den einzelnen Kursen sowie zu den Transfergruppen erfolgen unabhängig von der Anmeldung zum gesamten Weiterbildungsstudiengang.

Information und Beratung

Universität Bern, Zentrum für universitäre Weiterbildung, Hochschuldidaktik, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, Postfach 8573, 3001 Bern, Telefon 031 631 55 32


Your registration is binding. If you cancel your registration after the closing date or in the cases of nonappearance or abort of the program, the following cancellation policy applies:

Employees at University of Bern and PHBern:
- The cancellation of the registration after closing date (3 weeks before the course) costs CHF 100.- handling fee.
- Being present less than 75% of the course time equals nonappearance or abort of the program and costs CHF 100.- handling fee.
- Nonappearance on the first half day of a course equals nonappearance and costs CHF 100.- handling fee.
- In exceptional cases a handling fee can be remitted if a medical certificate or a written request is handed in. The decision is taken by the head of the program.


External employees:
100% of the course costs have to be paid. (This policy is adapted if the administration of the educational development unit can find a substitutional attendee. In this case, CHF 100.- handling fee have to be paid.)


Apart from this cancellation policy, the general terms and conditions of the Zentrum für universitäre Weiterbildung (ZUW) of the University of Bern apply for a Registration.


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